Friday, September 24, 2010

Shidi Shah

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Yes2..!!!!.. i going to catch up iphone 4 from Digi..
it been long time was my dream to have my own ipnone.

I'm really grateful that Nuffnang make contest sponser by Digi.
my phone looks like wanna to broken.i already used it since i was in high school.and now already 4 years i'm using my phone.

besides... most of my friends are using expensive cellphone. i'm very jealous woo...
some of them make video call with his girlfriend...waaa.. dats was fun..

i also love3... to electronic device. just last 2 week, i just buy a new labtop with better i5 with nvidia Gforce grafic.i can show off to my rumate because he make dekstop also procecor i5..hehe

if i can, i wanna to buy all electronic device..hehe.just to play in free time and for ipnone, i can online everywhere i go or play whanever feel boring..

so i was hoping that iphone 4 that just was launch will be mine...

Shidi Shah

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pls visit my iPhone 4 post too ya! good luck! xD

Shidi Shah
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i'm going to you now