Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shidi Shah

I'm Entering "Go Green Glider Competition"

Hello friends and fellow grateful bloggers....
it has been long time since I'm not update my blog. Quiet busy lately because now my study in final year.

Well, the glider or aircraft/airplane without engine or propeller is one of the most exciting hobby to play.Just launch by hand then you will enjoy watching your airplane fly in the sky.

in 3 weeks time, I enter "GO GREEN GLIDER COMPETITION 2011" which is organised by Aerospace Engineering Society (AEROS) UPM. This event is the first in UPM or maybe first in Malaysia that will be done.3 categories that is range, endurance and design.the airplane must be design yourself and by using recycle material.

this is the example of glider kan bunyinya..hahah..
program inovasi ni tuk student UPM sahaja...
dan akan berlansung di dewan besar pusat sukan, stadium UPM.

Shidi Shah

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