Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shidi Shah

Guys..Help me please..!!

morning guys...
after wake up about 11 am as usual with no class today, i go for online.

smalam tdo lambat sbb tengok favourite aku main barcalona.tapi seri.tapi pmainan barca mmg mantop mcm nordin mat top..hahah.

pagi ni ada coment baru  dari contest  yang ak join "My Raya Moment".

so I wanna get your help here to like my picture on

Eyriqazz facebook.

please like my raya photo and leave some comment.... just a little help here.

 tapi first like dulu facebook

cini linknya..
1. whole family

2. bakar2

3. berator duit raya

4. si tua2 nk duit raya

5. salam-salaman

6. kek raya

Dats all..

if you feel free..please like my picture and leave some comment..

thanks you so much...

Shidi Shah

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